Ribbons in the Sky

She’s a queen to be! I had to take it back to Coming to America on y’all. There isn’t anything like a union between two souls, especially two beautiful people who happen to be related to me. I had such a blast at my cousin Tisah’s wedding. Between my little cousins killing the Nae Nae dance at the reception and Darwin pulling the garter from my cousin’s leg, this occasion tops list for the year. It is always good to catch up with family without it being at someone’s funeral.

I must say the colors of the wedding were a great choice for the summer season. Teal and Coral brings a sweet vibrant feel to the ceremony. The grey and coral of the groomsmen attires were a breath of fresh air in comparison to the traditional black and white. Of course how could I forget my cousin Tisah in her gorgeous gown? A trumpet silhouette satin piece embellished with silver beading was just so appropriate for such a beautiful bride.

Now don’t forget a party is not a party until your boy comes through! I had to hit them with the white blazer exclusively from Express, which was a steal for only $38. It really set off my red plaid button down, paired with my navy slacks, brought the outfit together nicely.

Boy can’t wait until the next wedding! just as long its not mine lol. In the meantime we will wish Tisah and Darwin the best as they encounter the next journey together!

~Dress how you want to feel~










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