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Ralph Lauren and Stefan Larsson
Ralph Lauren and Stefan Larsson

Here ye, here ye! All rise for the crowning of Stefan Larson! Mr. Ralph Lauren, innovator of the American style of clothing has decided to pass on the torch. Ralph Lauren has decided to step down as the C.E.O of his clothing empire and has named Stefan Larsson to be his succesor.

I know you guys are wondering what in the Polo pajamas is this guy thinking? Well, for the record this is jack move from the ultimate grandmaster of fashion. In recent years, revenue for Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand has droped at least 5.3 percent in a luxury market that is super steep. As an retail executive, Stefan Larsson, is known for reviving popular brands such as Old Navy and H&M. Despite these brands being budget markets, Mr. Lauren feels Larsson’s expertise can help his already reputable brand shine brighter on Wall Street. Initially a skeptic, Lauren now sees something in him and believes Larsson has what it takes to help manage his royal empire.

No one should be alarmed, as Mr. Lauren will continue to play a major role in the company. Mr. Lauren is one of few classic American designers who have stepped back and allowed other creative directors to help revamp their brand, including Donna Karen and Calvin Klein.

Lauren considers the new business relationship as more of a partnership thsn anything. In fact partnerships can a good thing in fashion. Think of the late Yves Saint Laurant and Pierre Berdgé or Klein and Schwartz. For those less fashion savvy, just imagine Shaq and Kobe, Sonny and Cher, Michael and Scottie. All three pairs rose to the top of their professions and took it to the next level. I foresee big things to come, so hold on to your Western style polos and khaki pants and lets see what Lauren and Larsson have up their sleeves.

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