The Ten Plus Size Commandments

Hello my beautiful plus sized angels! I am the first one to tell you that rules are meant to be broken and that some rules for fashion can be much exaggerated. I am also a strong believer in the phrase, “It’s not what your wear, but how you wear it.” However, despite my affection for plump women, I am here to tell you that when it comes to plus size clothing some of those rules must be enforced.

Below are the 10 laws that a full figured woman must follow or else face the repercussions of their actions. Remember, the fashion police do not take any days off and will be on you like white on rice!

1. Thou shall not wear leggings or jeans too tight. You won’t appreciate the muffin top it gives you. Trust me love handles are made for the bedroom only.

muffin top

2. Thou shall wear a bra if the size of her breast are a B cup or better.

Gembira Loka Zoo
Gembira Loka Zoo

3. Thou shall not wear tops that are too small. Nobody wants to see a peek-a-boo belly.

Tommy pickles

4. Thou shall not wear low waist jeans/pants because that my friend is called plumber’s ass.

plumber's ass

5. Thou shall not wear an empire waist dress. If you are not pregnant I’m sure you do not want to look like it.

Plus size prego

6. Thou shall not wear print leggings or sweatpants with words on the ass. You are practically telling everyone, “hey look at me, I am a human soccer ball!”


7. Thou shall wear undergarments that fit. If you have a rotund bottom then Victoria Secret panties could transform them into thongs.

8. Thou shall not wear horizontal stripes. If you do decide to wear horizontal stripes try paring them with a blazer or bright color pants.

horizontal stripes

9. Thou shall not wear super huge print, especially on places on your body that you want to hide. If I can take your top off and use it as a table cloth for my picnic table, then we have a problem.

picnic table

10. Thou shall not wear baggy clothing. It doesn’t hide your imperfections; it just makes you look bigger.

bag lady

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