Circle of Love

I had plenty of women in my day. Well maybe thats an exaggeration, but settling down was not my forte. Long and behold after 9 years of ups and downs and breaking up to make up, we are official again! My boo is the love of my life and I was soo happy to share this valentines day with her.


Rafiki in The Lion King play at the Straz Center of the Performing Arts
Rafiki in The Lion King play at the Straz Center of the Performing Arts

We had some fun times this past weekend. It started with a night at a hotel suite in Orlando, courtesy of our friend Matthew. The next night, we saw The Lion King play on Saturday. Then on Sunday we topped it off with pedicures. Oh yes, we were doing it up like celebrities and looking like it too!

My baby bought me a wooden tie with a black abd white gingham strap. I fell in love with it as the tie really made my outfit stand out. We were so coordinated. I had red suspenders and she sported a red peplum top with cut outs! I promise we should call ourselves “K Lee” for our celeb name!? What do you guys think?

Check out these pictures from our love bound weekend and feel free to comment and show some love. Chow!




“Dress how you want to feel.”

3 thoughts on “Circle of Love”

  1. Baby! This is such a thoughtful post about our amazing valentines day weekend. You always make me feel like a princess <3 Thank you for an amazing time!

    PS. you looked so sexy in your wooden bowtie – dapper!

    1. Thank you soon much baby! It would be crazy of me not to include you in anything I post. Its because of you that I’m blogging. Thank you muahz!

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