Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So far this year, great strides have been made in the fashion community.  None greater than that of the beautiful Madeline Stuart, who became the first down syndrome fashion model.

Bridal Shoot at Rixey Manor in VA
Bridal Shoot at Rixey Manor in VA


I think it is noble of Madeline to take on such a superficial industry and grab it by the balls.  For decades it has been all about finding the tallest and thinest women out there and conveying a message that slim is better.  Now we are tired of them walking clothes hangers. Madeline is telling the world to stop discriminating and start embracing the beauty that is in each and everyone of us.


I am looking foward to more great things from this young beautiful pioneer.  Just like Madeline, we all should feel comfortable in our own skin.  Just as The Temptations would say, beauty is only skin deep…yeah yeah yeah!!!

Dress how you want to feel..


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