Brawny Man

Ok I am far from being considered a plus size man.  I have to slave in the gym just to put on 10 pounds, but for many other men out there that is definitely not a problem.  In recent years there has been a spike in plus size fashion and an influx in body positivity.  A revolution which has spawned the likes of Gabi Fresh, Tess Holiday, Ashley Graham and many other plus sized beauties.

Ashley Graham posing for Sports Swimsuit Ed. 2016
Ashley Graham posing for Sports Swimsuit Ed. 2016

What’s more intriguing is that women are not the only ones that are building recognition for their curves.  Plus size fashion has been growing increasingly in the last couple years. Now we are finally seeing more plus size models and fashion bloggers, including Notoriously Dapper.  Recently, plus size model Zach Miko, was signed to the major modeling agency, IMG Models. He will be introducing their new “Brawn” plus size men division.

This is big for the industry and I believe this will open more doors.  Zach is very enthusiastic about his new opportunity and never thought that this would be a possible career path for him. The 6′ 6′ man with the 40 inch waist is getting a lot of attention from the twitter world and is embracing every minute, as he should. Go on Zach with your bad self!

Zach Miko
Zach Miko

This will definitely help the fashion industry progress and evolve. I plan to design a line for both plus size men and  women.  Who knows, once I am established maybe I could have Zach model my clothing, hmmm? Put in a good word in for me America!!

“Dress how you want to feel”

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