Ronald’s Shoes

Hanging out!!…Bada bada badum…down the street!!! That’s my mood right now as I’m laying in my bed posing for a silly picture.

Today was the second time I wore my red Converse All Stars and the first time I wore them to work.  The other part of my fit was a Blue Gear polka dot short sleeve with the plywood textured buttons.  I went online to look up some of their other apparel and could not find it anywhere. Too bad because I was thoroughly impressed.

Some thought  I was walking on skis or that I stole Ronald McDonald’s shoes, but deep down I know they loved them.   It is funny how everyone loves when I am dapper, but when I wear something out of the ordinary, all I hear is crickets.  At the end of the day, the general consensus was that I nailed it…duh!!! 

Anyway, I’m about to finish cooking.  I’m having baked fish, rice, steamed veggies, and potatoes, mmm! Until next time sexy people and remember dress how you want to feel.





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