Top of the Crop

Shout outs to all those selected at the 2016 NFL Draft! I mean it has to be the most agonizing, anxious, and exciting feeling having to wait see whether or not a NFL team is going to determine if they’re the right player for thier franchise.

That must have been what Ezekiel Elliott felt when he was selected 4th overall by the Dallas Cowboys.  I can only imagine what he was going through the moment he shook hands we with Commissioner Rodger Gordell. Although, the real question is why did his mama and daddy let him leave the house looking like he did!?


I want somebody to please tell why he thought it was ok to fuck up that otherwise sexy outfit!? I mean crop tops on the football field went away with The Boz. So why did he think it was ok to sport it at a red carpet event. Boi stop!!


Guys answer me this, would you go out in public with a crop top? Comment below and in the meantime dress how you feel “sober not on drugs” lol.


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