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Fashions Fade. Style is Eternal.


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday!! I would like to wish one of the most legendary and renowned fashion designers of our time, Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, a most wonderful belated birthday! Saint Laurent was known for his popularization of fashion trends in the early 1960’s and 1970’s with the beatnik look which included Safari Jackets for men and women, tight pants, and thigh high boots, and the infamous female tuxedo suit, called Le Smoking
Saint Laurent always had a knack for style and as a young artist, as he would design dresses for his mother. After studying at her Chambre Syndicate de la Haute Couture, at the ripe age of 21, Saint Laurent studied under the tutelage of the great Christian Dior. Eventually he would became the successor Dior’s empire. After that the rest was history and Yves continued to mature and make headway within the fashion industry.

What inspired me most about Saint Laurent wasn’t only his relentless pursuit of success, but for his unselfishness as a human being. He once said that he works because he has to and not for the money. If he didn’t produce the next collection then the people who worked for him would be out on the street. Saint Laurent was not afraid to be himself in a close minded society and he embraced being the outsider, something I believe all artist could relate too.

Saint Laurent’s designs will stand the test of time and his legacy will forever leave an imprint on the fashion industry He will not only be remembered for his impeccable trend setting, but for his honesty and perfection for his craft. Now if I can only afford his sun glasses lol….


Fuck Your Dreams

Welcome to Tampa mofos! Where the sun is always shining and people steady grinding. Im always in support of my fellow local artists, especially those who are trying to spark fashion in our community. Steven, creator and founder of Prop-uh-gan-duh, created a line of clothing which I believe represents the youth of our generation. For those who dare to dream and who are in search of understanding in a rigid reality. Propuhganduh portrays “in your face” edgy designs, outlined with symbols of pollitical satire, coupled with inspirations of urban pop culture. French Montana who commented on the Fuck Your Dream T-Shirt via instagram, really put the message in perspective by saying; “Fuck your dream this shit is reality.”

Propuhganduh has both men and women sportswear. Fresh items include the Beamen Tank which is inspired by Willie Beamen, the star quaterback from the bad ass football flick, Any Given Sunday. BTW, you have to give it up to the lovely model sporting the Drip Tank, hiding behind a half skull mask with gold embellishment. Hmmm, I wonder, is she saying fuck world, or just giving a shout out to all the douche bags out there?

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Fresh to death like a million bucks! Sporting a Pyrex, by Virgil Abloh, black wool and leather jacket with black with white Skytop II sneakers and a Movado chronograph dial watch so he won’t miss a beat. This guy knows how show up to the party, can you match his swag?

DIY: Distressed Jeans




Holla of you hear me! Everyone of us has a pair of jeans that are out of style, been through the wire, or plain damaged. Trust me, accidents happen and sometimes you go to get a pedicure and anxiously hop in the chair and your jeans get caught on the side and you rip them….uhhh long story. Well if you hate thowing away clothes and they are not good enough to give away, there’s a solution and is called distressing your jeans! Below is the result of dying, some bleaching and a little ripping that I did to a pair of white jeans I had. Its a very cost efficient, simple and takes little effort.

Man I go to Work…

man i go to work

This guy looks like he is about business and doing it with style. He’s flaunting an exaggerated red v-neck sweater vest underneath a tailored grey glen check suit accented with a tassel belt. Oh, and of course no outfit is complete without a camel suede bag to carry only the most important work. Michael Bastian put his foot in this one so be sure to check out his collection for the upcoming fall season. Catch you later I’m on the clock …shh

Michael Bastian RTW Fall 2014

Come on Vogue, Vogue!

Mega Gala1

Mega Gala2

Mega Gala4

Mega Gala3

Mega Gala5

Good evening ladies and gents, lets flashback to a prior post of mine. Lets Reflect on Vogue’s 68th annual Met Ball 2014 held in Manhattan, NY on May 5th. This star studded affair included some of Hollywood’s most stylish and influential celebrities! Among them were Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Janelle Monae, and Naomi Campbell just to name a few. I almost sweated out my shirt when I saw the beautiful Allison Williams (Girls) showcase her stunning corol colored satin gown created by Oscar Del La Renta. Mind you, the following are my personal top five favorites of the night.
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Seeing Red

Moschino1 Moschino3Moschino2

I woke up seeing red this morning! After a cold dark winter, its time to add some warmth to our wardrobes this summer. The color red spells power and exudes confidence in a man. Hitting the runway we see bold graphic tees, topped off with tailored blazers blocked with graphic lapels, and paired with bright red trousers and the infamous wingtips. Check out the SS14 Moschino collection and inspire the confidence in you!

See you in Miami!

blazer and white pants

Ah yes, Summer is definitely here! Sporting a crisp, white pant with a fresh white button up – topping it all off with a sporty light grey glen check blazer accented with an electric blue handkerchief; Making this look so fresh and so clean! This guy is ready for Miami Beach, I’ll see you there partner! Save me a seat and a Cuban cigar!

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