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Seeing Double

I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off!  I just completed another baseball cap customization on a Chicago Bulls snapback.  Modeled by my beautiful and photogenic girlfriend, Kristi Lamons, she made it look soo pretty that I had to mirror its image……Yass!

For this one I decided to use an ethnic print that is reminiscent of the Cross Colours era of the early 90’s, which was around the same time period that the Bulls won their back to back championships.

Cross Colours was  a clothing label whose designs spoke against the social injustice that was happening within the young black community. In this turbulent time in America I wanted to do something that symbolized unity, because we as a people are in desperate need of it.

Look out for my next creation and please look me up on Twitter (hspen598)and Instagram (henryleetalks) and comment. Love Peace and Afro Grease ✌

~Dress how you want to feel~

Chestah Cheetah

Ayeeee yoooo…ight!!! Its been a long time  now I’m back with the jump off.  I decided its time to put my name out there.  After designing my floral print shoe design, I wanted to put my alteration skills to the test.  So I figured I start off with baseball caps.


Introducing, my new cap design al la cheetah print with red contrast! I got this hat embroidered years ago and now I wanted to freak it a little bit.  It is just a prorotype, but once I master the technique I will put up a online shop where you guys can place custom orders.



There will be more to come guys I promise! So keep ya eyes out and remember…dress how you want to feel 😆😆😆


Top of the Crop

Shout outs to all those selected at the 2016 NFL Draft! I mean it has to be the most agonizing, anxious, and exciting feeling having to wait see whether or not a NFL team is going to determine if they’re the right player for thier franchise.

That must have been what Ezekiel Elliott felt when he was selected 4th overall by the Dallas Cowboys.  I can only imagine what he was going through the moment he shook hands we with Commissioner Rodger Gordell. Although, the real question is why did his mama and daddy let him leave the house looking like he did!?


I want somebody to please tell why he thought it was ok to fuck up that otherwise sexy outfit!? I mean crop tops on the football field went away with The Boz. So why did he think it was ok to sport it at a red carpet event. Boi stop!!


Guys answer me this, would you go out in public with a crop top? Comment below and in the meantime dress how you feel “sober not on drugs” lol.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So far this year, great strides have been made in the fashion community.  None greater than that of the beautiful Madeline Stuart, who became the first down syndrome fashion model.

Bridal Shoot at Rixey Manor in VA
Bridal Shoot at Rixey Manor in VA


I think it is noble of Madeline to take on such a superficial industry and grab it by the balls.  For decades it has been all about finding the tallest and thinest women out there and conveying a message that slim is better.  Now we are tired of them walking clothes hangers. Madeline is telling the world to stop discriminating and start embracing the beauty that is in each and everyone of us.


I am looking foward to more great things from this young beautiful pioneer.  Just like Madeline, we all should feel comfortable in our own skin.  Just as The Temptations would say, beauty is only skin deep…yeah yeah yeah!!!

Dress how you want to feel..


Brawny Man

Ok I am far from being considered a plus size man.  I have to slave in the gym just to put on 10 pounds, but for many other men out there that is definitely not a problem.  In recent years there has been a spike in plus size fashion and an influx in body positivity.  A revolution which has spawned the likes of Gabi Fresh, Tess Holiday, Ashley Graham and many other plus sized beauties.

Ashley Graham posing for Sports Swimsuit Ed. 2016
Ashley Graham posing for Sports Swimsuit Ed. 2016

What’s more intriguing is that women are not the only ones that are building recognition for their curves.  Plus size fashion has been growing increasingly in the last couple years. Now we are finally seeing more plus size models and fashion bloggers, including Notoriously Dapper.  Recently, plus size model Zach Miko, was signed to the major modeling agency, IMG Models. He will be introducing their new “Brawn” plus size men division.

This is big for the industry and I believe this will open more doors.  Zach is very enthusiastic about his new opportunity and never thought that this would be a possible career path for him. The 6′ 6′ man with the 40 inch waist is getting a lot of attention from the twitter world and is embracing every minute, as he should. Go on Zach with your bad self!

Zach Miko
Zach Miko

This will definitely help the fashion industry progress and evolve. I plan to design a line for both plus size men and  women.  Who knows, once I am established maybe I could have Zach model my clothing, hmmm? Put in a good word in for me America!!

“Dress how you want to feel”

Ronald’s Shoes

Hanging out!!…Bada bada badum…down the street!!! That’s my mood right now as I’m laying in my bed posing for a silly picture.

Today was the second time I wore my red Converse All Stars and the first time I wore them to work.  The other part of my fit was a Blue Gear polka dot short sleeve with the plywood textured buttons.  I went online to look up some of their other apparel and could not find it anywhere. Too bad because I was thoroughly impressed.

Some thought  I was walking on skis or that I stole Ronald McDonald’s shoes, but deep down I know they loved them.   It is funny how everyone loves when I am dapper, but when I wear something out of the ordinary, all I hear is crickets.  At the end of the day, the general consensus was that I nailed it…duh!!! 

Anyway, I’m about to finish cooking.  I’m having baked fish, rice, steamed veggies, and potatoes, mmm! Until next time sexy people and remember dress how you want to feel.





Strange Thread

I seen some crazy things in my lifetime but none like the Central Saint Martins MA Collection shown during London Fashion Week.  Funny thing is I actually admire these pieces for their uniqueness.  The floral prints are mixed with plaid which resembles the pairing of an odd couple.  Even the half eaten banana ensemble tells a story of pain where there was once love.

BUT… all know I have to do it to him. Below are what these designs resemble. Feel free to comment what you think each one resembles.  This is the first I heard of Saint Martins, but it won’t be the last. I will be keeping my eye out for him.

~Dress how you feel~






Circle of Love

I had plenty of women in my day. Well maybe thats an exaggeration, but settling down was not my forte. Long and behold after 9 years of ups and downs and breaking up to make up, we are official again! My boo is the love of my life and I was soo happy to share this valentines day with her.


Rafiki in The Lion King play at the Straz Center of the Performing Arts
Rafiki in The Lion King play at the Straz Center of the Performing Arts

We had some fun times this past weekend. It started with a night at a hotel suite in Orlando, courtesy of our friend Matthew. The next night, we saw The Lion King play on Saturday. Then on Sunday we topped it off with pedicures. Oh yes, we were doing it up like celebrities and looking like it too!

My baby bought me a wooden tie with a black abd white gingham strap. I fell in love with it as the tie really made my outfit stand out. We were so coordinated. I had red suspenders and she sported a red peplum top with cut outs! I promise we should call ourselves “K Lee” for our celeb name!? What do you guys think?

Check out these pictures from our love bound weekend and feel free to comment and show some love. Chow!




“Dress how you want to feel.”


Hellooooo Brooklyn!!!! From the time I started watching TV as a small tater tot, I could remember watching scenes of the Big Apple. Whether it was Ghostbusters or Coming to America or New Jack City (yes I am old), I have always had an infatuation with New York city. I mean who isn’t intrigued with the birth place of rap, Michael Jordan, home of the Knicks and most importantly the Mecca for fashion all over the world! If you not then you must be loco.

I enjoyed my first time New York and sharing that moment with my lady Kristi made the trip even more special. Even though we were both sick and we shared a room with our friend Dina, and Dina we love you, we made the most of it. Real romance is about those special moments. Without her this trip wouldn’t have been possible. What can I say? She gets me out the house lol.

Me and bae at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Me and bae at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Clowning on the Subway
Clowning on the Subway

Our first night there, we celebrated at a roof top restaurant called the R Lounge in Time Square. As we were drinking this lovely couple took it upon themselves to buy everybody in the room a bottle of champagne! What a way to start off a vacay in New York. At the end all the couples got up and danced and it was awesome.

Hanging with couple of the year at the R Lounge in Times Square.
Hanging with couple of the year at the R Lounge in Times Square.

The next night on New Years eve, we met up with an old friend from college, Adriana. We talked about the good old days at IADT. It was great to reconnect with her and she definitely showed us how to they party in NY. I promise that walk back to the hotel was journey and thank god we didn’t drive.

Adriana and Kristi
Adriana and Kristi

The following week was amazing as we visited numerous sites in New York. I could write a book on everything we did and saw. Instead please enjoy the many pictures from the trip, including shots of the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am sorry that there aren’t many selfies of the outfits I wore, but I have some good stuff coming soon.

Please feel free to comment on my post and share your thoughts. If you been to New York city before, tell me your favorite experience of the city.

As always dress how you want to feel!
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damn he sexy












20151230_203118 (1)

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Inspirational message written on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Inspirational message written on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building
9/11 Memorial
9/11 Memorial


New  World Trade Center
New World Trade Center


The Ten Plus Size Commandments

Hello my beautiful plus sized angels! I am the first one to tell you that rules are meant to be broken and that some rules for fashion can be much exaggerated. I am also a strong believer in the phrase, “It’s not what your wear, but how you wear it.” However, despite my affection for plump women, I am here to tell you that when it comes to plus size clothing some of those rules must be enforced.

Below are the 10 laws that a full figured woman must follow or else face the repercussions of their actions. Remember, the fashion police do not take any days off and will be on you like white on rice!

1. Thou shall not wear leggings or jeans too tight. You won’t appreciate the muffin top it gives you. Trust me love handles are made for the bedroom only.

muffin top

2. Thou shall wear a bra if the size of her breast are a B cup or better.

Gembira Loka Zoo
Gembira Loka Zoo

3. Thou shall not wear tops that are too small. Nobody wants to see a peek-a-boo belly.

Tommy pickles

4. Thou shall not wear low waist jeans/pants because that my friend is called plumber’s ass.

plumber's ass

5. Thou shall not wear an empire waist dress. If you are not pregnant I’m sure you do not want to look like it.

Plus size prego

6. Thou shall not wear print leggings or sweatpants with words on the ass. You are practically telling everyone, “hey look at me, I am a human soccer ball!”


7. Thou shall wear undergarments that fit. If you have a rotund bottom then Victoria Secret panties could transform them into thongs.

8. Thou shall not wear horizontal stripes. If you do decide to wear horizontal stripes try paring them with a blazer or bright color pants.

horizontal stripes

9. Thou shall not wear super huge print, especially on places on your body that you want to hide. If I can take your top off and use it as a table cloth for my picnic table, then we have a problem.

picnic table

10. Thou shall not wear baggy clothing. It doesn’t hide your imperfections; it just makes you look bigger.

bag lady

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