Elegance is the discipline of life

oscar de la renta

The man, the artist, the ambassador, the icon. Not too many words can express what the fashion world lost yesterday. At the grand age of 82, Oscar de la Renta lived a long accomplished life. He was an award winning designer whose fashion house dressed many famous figures including Jacqueline Kennedy and Anne Hathaway. De la Renta was a true gentleman with a good heart and will be missed dearly.

“Elegance is the discipline of life”
-Oscar de la Renta

Versace Versace Versace


I had to do it to them! I was in the Sunglass Hut at Westfield Citrus Park Mall (Tampa, FL) the other day and I noticed something. At first, I paid no attention to the “Feature of the Week” display island that was in dead center of the store. This proves I have A.D.D as the store is a only few square feet larger than my living room. First, I browsed through the Ray Ban section as I always do. Then eventually I got around to the clearance section, then I turned my head to the right towards the display banner in the store window. Then there it was, a profile of a beautiful woman modeling some purple Versace shades! After that I look back at the Feature of the Week and absolutely went ballistic. I saw the cheetah print frames and admit they were cute but they look too feminine for me to rock so I decided to sport the black ones with the Versace logo on the sides and immediately fell in love with them! Maybe because they remind me of the ones Notorious big flaunted in his “One more chance video.” Ugh, if only I could afford them! Eh umm, hint hint to any and every potential sponsor out there lol. Anyway Ya’ll stay fresh!


Rainbow bright


Yesssss!! Shout outs to my homie slice Meredith Rucker. She is always fresh to death, but this time it was her watch that caught my eye. Inspired by photo pixelation, Pixel Moda has put together a piece that is full of color and simplistic in its design. Man this watch has me hungry for Froot Loops all of a sudden! Go to www.pixelmoda.com and catch some awesome designs from Pixel Moda and remember to stay fresh!

Twitter: @hspen598
IG: Henryleetalks

Pearls are a girl’s close friend

Lupita Nyong'o

Rihanna 1

Morning fashion lovers! I was inspired the other day by a good friend of mine, Yesenia Pickett, because she looked adorable in a photo of her pearl headband alongside her huby Duwan Pickett. Now they say a diamond is a girl’s best friend but I day a nice pearl could rock her world 😉

So I started browsing and I came across some photos new and old, and witnessed how much a pearl can accent an outfit if done right.

I seen so many different variations that caught my eye. I definitely felt some type of way about lupita nyong’o’s pearl neclace. He chocolate and ever so silky skin tone just illuminates her pearl accessory. Oh and of course Rihanna stunts pearls every chance she gets, whether it’s flaunting a Dior masterpiece on a cruise or a rocking it out at a movie premier, she does it well (like everything else).

Hmm this sounds like a Christmas for that special someone huh fellas??? Lol Thanks for reading guys, hope you all enjoyed it and FOLLOW ME!!


hell of a run!


Dear Mrs. Rosenberg bka Joan Rivers,

You lived a long life and had a wonderful career. You broke down barriers as an female comedian and told Johnny Carson to step back. You were hilarious as hell and the only reason I watched on Fashion Police! I mean who else could tear into someone’s soul with brutal honesty lol. Joan Rivers: the actress, the comedian, the mother, the writer, the host, and the upstanding person, will be deeply missed. God rest your soul little lady is been a hell of a run.

Sincerely your biggest fan,
Henry Lee


So what does Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Kesha all have in common? They all look like sh*t and had the audacity to be on the 2014 MTV video music awards looking like that! If you are like me, and you are definitely NOT a morning person, then you need a little stimulating correct? Lets play a matching game and see which the unflattering images on the bottom on the bottom of the pic matches the less glamorous outfits above them. I will reveal the answer later.

P.S. You guys better get these right or I am going to question your intelligence

Green Codine Killer

fashion killers 1

Someone tell lil wayne to put the pant leg down, it is not 1995! Trust me, he is gonna need that skateboard to run from the fashion police in that clown fit. PLEASE ARREST that man along with his accomplice, Richard Simmons for violating the swag code. Maybe I should borrow wheezy’s glasses to block those bright ass lime green joints…ewww. HATED IT!!!!