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The Bubble House

Did you guys miss me? Sorry I been on a cruise, the Dior Cruise 2016 that is! Ok that was for play play but when I heard about this spectacular event last night I had to feast my eyes on Raf Simons latest runway ensemble. From the low heels and the vibrant metallic purses all the way to the crystal-strewn floral embellished dresses laced with net over garments, this show had everyone in awe. The show was featured at the Palais Bulkes (Bubble Palace) in Cannes, France, home of world famous designer, Pierre Cardin. This extraordinary piece of architecture was inspiration for the Simons Cruise show collection. One day I will buy the palace from him, but um I need to sell a little more designs. Check out more of the designs on style.com. Peace, love, and sewing machine grease ✌
…..uhh sorry lol

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