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welcome to LA


I love this custom shirt made by klattimore. Shout out to my homie George Williams´╗┐ cousin LA Read. He told me to check him out so i did and this young man is doing his own thing and is good at it too. I would totally wear this shirt. Check out his other designs on his fb page LA Read.

IG: Henryleetalks

Rainbow bright


Yesssss!! Shout outs to my homie slice Meredith Rucker. She is always fresh to death, but this time it was her watch that caught my eye. Inspired by photo pixelation, Pixel Moda has put together a piece that is full of color and simplistic in its design. Man this watch has me hungry for Froot Loops all of a sudden! Go to www.pixelmoda.com and catch some awesome designs from Pixel Moda and remember to stay fresh!

Twitter: @hspen598
IG: Henryleetalks