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Duffle Bag Boy

Duffle bag boy

Club Monaco has landed in the U.S. and partnered up with Lotuff Brand to come up with a supreme collection of men’s leather bags. A man’s work attire wouldn’t be complete without a work tote made of vegetable tanned leather in both Carmel brown and black; and suddenly I got the munchies! Oh and lets not forget their classic leather Duffle Travel Bag which has a detachable strap and elongated zipper for easy access, you know for those “rush into work mornings.” Check out more Club Monaco goodies at:


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Stylish J.

give it up for the big gurl

red dress

J. Bolin…you crazy for this one! It’s no secret that I like me some curvy dames, but now Mr. Bolin has an online boutique that caters to the everyday plus size woman. His site encompasses stylish exclusive looks ranging from small to 2x (and a real woman 2x, not junior sizing). You can trust J.Bolins, after all, he has styled the likes of Vivica Fox and the dynamic duo Mary Mary. If you like these amazing pieces check out more at http://www.stylistjbolin.com/#!boutique/c1y9o

…and remember dress how you want to feel!

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Rainbow bright


Yesssss!! Shout outs to my homie slice Meredith Rucker. She is always fresh to death, but this time it was her watch that caught my eye. Inspired by photo pixelation, Pixel Moda has put together a piece that is full of color and simplistic in its design. Man this watch has me hungry for Froot Loops all of a sudden! Go to www.pixelmoda.com and catch some awesome designs from Pixel Moda and remember to stay fresh!

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Green Codine Killer

fashion killers 1

Someone tell lil wayne to put the pant leg down, it is not 1995! Trust me, he is gonna need that skateboard to run from the fashion police in that clown fit. PLEASE ARREST that man along with his accomplice, Richard Simmons for violating the swag code. Maybe I should borrow wheezy’s glasses to block those bright ass lime green joints…ewww. HATED IT!!!!