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Hellooooo Brooklyn!!!! From the time I started watching TV as a small tater tot, I could remember watching scenes of the Big Apple. Whether it was Ghostbusters or Coming to America or New Jack City (yes I am old), I have always had an infatuation with New York city. I mean who isn’t intrigued with the birth place of rap, Michael Jordan, home of the Knicks and most importantly the Mecca for fashion all over the world! If you not then you must be loco.

I enjoyed my first time New York and sharing that moment with my lady Kristi made the trip even more special. Even though we were both sick and we shared a room with our friend Dina, and Dina we love you, we made the most of it. Real romance is about those special moments. Without her this trip wouldn’t have been possible. What can I say? She gets me out the house lol.

Me and bae at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Me and bae at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Clowning on the Subway
Clowning on the Subway

Our first night there, we celebrated at a roof top restaurant called the R Lounge in Time Square. As we were drinking this lovely couple took it upon themselves to buy everybody in the room a bottle of champagne! What a way to start off a vacay in New York. At the end all the couples got up and danced and it was awesome.

Hanging with couple of the year at the R Lounge in Times Square.
Hanging with couple of the year at the R Lounge in Times Square.

The next night on New Years eve, we met up with an old friend from college, Adriana. We talked about the good old days at IADT. It was great to reconnect with her and she definitely showed us how to they party in NY. I promise that walk back to the hotel was journey and thank god we didn’t drive.

Adriana and Kristi
Adriana and Kristi

The following week was amazing as we visited numerous sites in New York. I could write a book on everything we did and saw. Instead please enjoy the many pictures from the trip, including shots of the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am sorry that there aren’t many selfies of the outfits I wore, but I have some good stuff coming soon.

Please feel free to comment on my post and share your thoughts. If you been to New York city before, tell me your favorite experience of the city.

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Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Inspirational message written on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Inspirational message written on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building
9/11 Memorial
9/11 Memorial


New  World Trade Center
New World Trade Center



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Yellow is known to spark creativity. So it is no secret that this season its incorporated in various fall/winter lines as the color and of choice. Whether its coat linings, scarves, or chiffon dresses; yellow serves as a muse for warmth and spunk for the cold season. So rise and shine, get inspired, and drink some lemonade and add some brightness to your post winter wardrobe.

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