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So what does Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Kesha all have in common? They all look like sh*t and had the audacity to be on the 2014 MTV video music awards looking like that! If you are like me, and you are definitely NOT a morning person, then you need a little stimulating correct? Lets play a matching game and see which the unflattering images on the bottom on the bottom of the pic matches the less glamorous outfits above them. I will reveal the answer later.

P.S. You guys better get these right or I am going to question your intelligence

Green Codine Killer

fashion killers 1

Someone tell lil wayne to put the pant leg down, it is not 1995! Trust me, he is gonna need that skateboard to run from the fashion police in that clown fit. PLEASE ARREST that man along with his accomplice, Richard Simmons for violating the swag code. Maybe I should borrow wheezy’s glasses to block those bright ass lime green joints…ewww. HATED IT!!!!